15 Sets of Strips Every Month

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Sign up now to get started with the hottest new monthly subscription. This is the newest teeth whitening technology available today and we've made it more affordable than you could possibly imagine. Costs considerably less than other teeth whitening strips you find in stores, all while being less harmful and damaging to your teeth. 

These whitening strips contain coconut oil and coconut activated carbon charcoal to clean and whiten your teeth in a safe and natural way. Other whitening strips contain peroxide. Peroxide is proven to be damaging to tooth enamel; making it easier to get cavities, not to mention it makes your teeth sensitive and gums sore. That doesn't happen when you use our strips.

There is no commitment involved in our subscriptions. Feel free to cancel or skip a month as often as you wish.

5 Dollar Smile Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy, charcoal and coconut based teeth whitening strips.

You can either get a free sample (just pay shipping) or sign up for our monthly subscription and have it arrive at your door every month. If you sign up for the subscription, your card (or paypal) will only be charged once every 30 days and you can cancel at any time (we don't make it hard to cancel like other subscriptions do).

Our strips won't cause sensitivity in your teeth or cause sore gums like your typical peroxide based whitening alternatives. 

We strive the send the highest quality and safest whitening strips to you at the cheapest prices possible. Our goal is to make brilliantly white teeth affordable for everyone :)

When you place an order with us, your shipment will be sent out to you within 48 business hours.

Your package will be sent to you via USPS and will take 1-3 days of transit time depending on what part of the United States you are located in. Our shipping facility is located in Ohio.

If you ordered a monthly subscription, your card will automatically be charged for the same amount once every 30 days. The shipping time after the day you are billed will be the same as stated above. 

Since they are made of charcoal, don't they taste bad?
Nope, our strips have a minty flavor that won't bother you at all. It will taste and smell similar to most toothpastes

What stains can Charcoal Whitening strips help with?
Charcoal Whitening strips are specifically designed for people who experience tooth discoloration due to lifestyle habits such as smoking, Red Wine drinking, tobacco chewing, soft drink/coffee/tea consumption. Because you can use Charcoal Whitening strips daily, it's a safe way to keep your teeth white without the harmful effects of bleaching or the painful side effects.

Can I Brush My Teeth After an Application?
Yes, we highly recommend that you use the residual charcoal that is left on your teeth to brush with. This will intensify your whitening results. We also recommend that you floss before using, (you may brush also) to insure the product adheres to the areas in between the teeth.

How do I get rid of the black that is left on my teeth after I use the strips? 
We recommend that you brush your teeth with the residual charcoal that is left on your teeth, not only will that help get rid of it, it will also intensify your whitening results.

Can I eat or drink with the strips in?
Please refrain from eating or drinking while your strips are in.

Are the strips suitable for sensitive teeth?
Yes, our strips are made especially for people who have had sensitivity issues with peroxide based whiteners. Our products are made using a Coconut Charcoal non-peroxide formula, our formula is proven to removes stains without causing any sensitivity or discomfort.

Do your products work dental work such as crowns?
Our products will not chemically whiten crown, or veneers and caps. It does however improve their appearance by removing some surface stains and thoroughly cleaning. If you have recently had dental work done please consult your dentist before using any teeth whitening product.

What are the ingredients?
Coconut Oil, Coconut Activate Carbon, Aqua Sodium Bicarbonate, Propylene Clycol, PVP Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Carboxymethyl, Glycerol, Menthol

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How our subscription works

Your initial purchase will come within 2 weeks of the time you ordered. After that, you will receive the same package every month around the same date. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime, hassle-free.
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